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The results are in! – September 2022

In July we launched what will now become our Annual Client Survey. We want to make sure we are continually offering you the best service possible, and your feedback is invaluable in helping us do this.

We’d like to start by saying a big Thank You to everyone who responded for your frank and open feedback, and as promised, we’re pleased to bring you a summary of what you had to say. 

Who did we ask and what was the response?

  1. The survey was sent to all clients on our ongoing service, with over one third responding.

  2. 100% of clients who responded appreciate our authentic, honest and down to earth approach to helping them.

  3. All respondents feel their financial future is secure with us.

  4. All respondents feel we treat them fairly and have their best interests at heart.

  5. We asked clients to identify what services they felt were the most valuable above and beyond financial planning. Our walks and talks, social events and get togethers were most valued. Click here to see what’s coming up (including our fabulous Wellness Workshops in October and November) and get involved! 

What did our clients have to say?

Lucent are interested in you not your assets. They give you the confidence to enjoy your retirement.

Trustworthy advice from approachable knowledgeable advisors. A friendly attitude from everyone in the business.

I like that you are not like every other IFA firm out there!

It’s great to hear that the majority of clients are happy with our current service, but we know there is always room for improvement.

So, what are we going to do differently?

You requested additional information such as ‘trusted partners’ – like solicitors and accountants, as well as more information on the impact of the current economic climate on investments. Lastly, on a similar theme some of you wanted to understand whether financial plans were still on track in between annual reviews.

Our take away from this feedback is to look at how we can communicate better with our clients – both in relation to their financial plans, but also more broadly.

We’ve actually already been thinking about this for a while and will have some exciting news coming soon, which we hope will bring you all closer together and keep you more informed… watch this space!

In the meantime, we’d like this newsletter to bring you more of the information you really want, so if there are any specific topics you’d like us to cover in an upcoming issue, please let us know by emailing and we’ll see what we can do!


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