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Living the dream – July 2022

At Lucent, we endeavor to make our client’s lives as fulfilled and enjoyable as we possibly can.

Paul, our client, aged 57, on his 10-day holiday in Fuerteventura, lived out a dream of his recently.

Water skiing had always been a sport he’d strived to conquer and now look at him go in this video clip! His wife said she couldn’t get him to come in even though he was “ruining ‘beer time’” but, to us, it looks like he was having way too much fun to even notice!

In case you’ve always wanted to have a go at something similar, we looked into the 5 best water parks close to Solihull for you to try:

We love hearing about what our clients get up to, from holidays to house moves, festivals to family time. We encourage all of our clients to send your stories and pictures/videos in to so we can share the joy in our newsletter, and maybe inspire others to try something new!

Do drop us a line and share your experience if you try out any of the water parks above, or share any of your exciting adventures with us!


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