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Kelly’s Know-how – March 2021 edition

Kelly’s Know-how’ – March 2021 edition

A year into the pandemic, how are you feeling?

I think we would all agree, it’s been a tough year. Even the strongest among us have struggled at times with the changes, the restrictions, and the limited human contact, to name just a few of the difficulties we have faced. As part of this month’s blog, I’m excited to introduce Jessica Schlupp-Taylor, who we are working with to help our clients navigate some of these and other challenges in their lives. Here, she discusses all things pandemic and wellbeing. I hope you find this interesting and useful – and I’ll see you next month! Kelly.

We can see the pandemic finish line, it’s in sight but of course it’s possible that the goal posts will be shifted. The feeling throughout this pandemic is the uncertainty: uncertainty of rules, freedoms, jobs, finances, business, family, health and education for either ourselves or our loved ones. Even with the end in sight there is still the unknown of variations to the virus, the impact on society and communities and recovery for individuals and the country, which will take a long time.

No matter whether people believe they have had it easier than most, perhaps secure in a job, or comfortably retired, there can still be this underlying feeling – rational or not – that it might all unravel, or a feeling of unease, especially when we look at macroeconomics or the impact on our wider circle.

I heard on the radio someone saying to someone who was employed in a job they love that “you can’t complain though, can you?”. This really stung to me, because when we compare ourselves to others we can always find someone worse off and use that to justify that our feelings or thoughts are not valid or warranted. This is very much not the case, and no matter your situation or how comfortable life is, or whatever reason, it may just be difficult, even if that is only a feeling without a reason, and its ok to get support. There is no demographic or personal situation that isn’t valid and doesn’t deserve support. Working with financially stable individuals, there may be a perception that “they have it easy, what have they got to complain about?” but truthfully, regardless of financial situation, support is just as required and beneficial.  With increased finances often comes increased pressure and responsibilities, leading me to the point that anyone has the right not to feel quite right, or to feel like they can benefit from support without needing to justify it or feel judged.

For some, the impact of the pandemic has been more difficult: whether retirement has come earlier than planned, or perhaps redundancy and retirement plans have been altered, finances, relationship strain, family loss, health concerns, there are still so many factors outside of an individual’s control that can impact the mindset, that it is no wonder that many people are seeking help.

Over the last year there has been a significant increase in anxiety and depression, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, sleep issues, grief and loss, and social anxiety. Even people who consider themselves stoic, resilient, and generally mentally tough can find that a year of pandemic is taking its toll. Many of the older generation, especially those that have been shielding, may have concerns about re-entering the public domain and would benefit from support. On top of that, relationships have become more strained, some to breaking point, not to mention the grief and trauma caused by ill health and losses.

My job is to give support to people to make any pain, discomfort, or emotional turmoil as minimal as possible, to provide helpful coping mechanisms and make it easier for people to adapt to change and to help them recover and get the best from every situation.

There is a saying that has been used throughout this pandemic: “We may all be in different boats, but we are all in the same storm”. The truth is the pandemic is just one storm, that connects with many others. Lucent Financial Planning do an amazing job of taking care of looking after your finances, so that is one less storm to worry about. However Lucent feel that their responsibility to you doesn’t stop there. They have taken the step of hiring me to be available to clients, either face-to-face in the Solihull office, or online via Zoom. Taking the storm analogy, I see the sessions I do as helping to keep your mental boat in tip-top condition so you can weather anything that storms throw your way. My role is to help you to enjoy your financial position and help you to tackle any issues, overcome obstacles and enjoy changes.

I help people to get the most from the present and the future. These sessions can be about anything, from the pandemic, family, relationships, business, grief, work and career, retirement, health-related issues including chronic pain or any change to how you are feeling or living. Lucent are offering every client the opportunity to have a set of three sessions with me to use as you see fit.

I offer a confidential space to talk and have open, non-judgemental conversations. As a qualified psychotherapist, coach, CBT and clinical hypnotherapist with a strong business background, I am happy to talk about anything and everything with you. A decision that’s weighing heavily on you and an open conversation with someone who won’t judge, might be of benefit.

Over the coming months I will be looking to run workshops with Lucent on various topics such as preparing for retirement, so if there is anything you would like to see covered, please contact me or Lucent. We’d love to have your input.

Here are my contact details if you want to call me for a chat to see if there is something I can help with, or my Calendly link if you want to book in for a session straight away.


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