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Giving Back at the Games – August 2022

Our clients love getting involved in all sorts of things whilst enjoying their retirement. Here is something a bit different…

Instead of standing back and watching at the Commonwealth Games, our client, Paul, is getting up close and personal, volunteering at the events!

Here is a great picture of him in his volunteers uniform, ready to get stuck in to help. He’ll probably be there right now!

How will you be getting into the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this summer? Do you have tickets or plan to watch from the comfort of home?

Here are 5 websites we hope you find useful on all things who, what, where and how:

Why not send us your photos of what you are getting up to this summer? We’d love to share your ideas for adventure and enjoyment with the Lucent Community.

Just send them to, and you might just feature in a future edition of Beyond the Bank Balance!


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