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Lifestyle Financial Planner of the Year 2023!

We were incredibly honoured to be awarded 'Lifestyle Financial Planner of the Year' at this year's Back2Y Conference.

Paul Armson (pictured below) announced us as the Winner of this prestigious award by saying:

The judges decided that Lucent Financial Planning’s entry truly conveyed the life-changing effect that great financial planning can have on people's lives. This isn’t just about crunching the numbers. It’s about asking better questions and being truly interested in client’s lives. Understanding the pain and anguish that clients may be going through, truly caring and going the extra mile to help clients get a better life – whatever it takes! Lucent’s entry did this in spades. Lucent’s entry and those of the shortlisted 6, had NOTHING TO DO with investing, arranging financial products, savings basis points, asset allocation or arranging a portfolio. All the stuff the ‘industry’ thinks is important is mostly utter tosh. These entries had EVERYTHING TO DO with how we make our clients' lives better!

The testimonials that were submitted that allowed us to win this award are below. They want to remain anonymous, so these are fake names. But, we thank you for helping us achieve this.

Elizabeth Browne (names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

I’ve always had a penchant for money, from my childhood where I vividly remember day trips to the seaside and coming back with more spending money then I left with (and it wasn’t from the slot machines) and then through necessity becoming the main wage earner after my husband had a traumatic accident leaving him unable to work. The trauma of having to restrict a lifestyle to protect both of us after my husband's accident left a legacy that whilst my career soared and our finances were more secure, the pressure increased on me in my work environment and an unhealthy desire to keep on working no matter what. The start of my ‘relationship’ with Lucent was grounding mine and my husband's financial future, protecting what we have now and what we might want for the future, always with a view that I could retire early to spend more time with the people that mattered. My target was to retire at 55 (or at least have a choice), I never envisaged I could achieve that! Last year, at the ripe old age of 55, Lucent colleagues told me I didn’t need to work and in particular I didn't need to carry on in my high-pressure job, I cried, it was a moment of relief. But that was not the pivotal moment, it is not easy to walk away from a work commitment even if it isn’t healthy when you have been wedded to it for over 20 years! The turning point was when Steven told me he was worried about me! But where Lucent and Steven differ from other Financial Advisors is, it isn’t just the words they say it is the actions they put into place to support you. Steven offered the services of Jess their company psychologist to support my mental health and wellbeing and to help me see clearly! There was no question of any charge for this and Jess’s support continued for as long as I needed it, there never was any question of stopping before I felt better about myself! Oh and did I mention they also offered an accountant's advice when I was doing my self-assessment….nothing is too much trouble for Steven and the team and that goes beyond financial support. Without Steven and Lucent, I think I would still be living each day as it comes (surviving perhaps) but not healthily! I now have secured a new career which I am loving, the freedom of being financially secure and excited about what the future now holds!

Jane Downs (names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

I was introduced to Steve at Lucent by my solicitor when I was going through the process of a complicated financial divorce settlement. I was feeling very vulnerable and scared and Steve immediately made me feel at ease and explained the best way to go forward and what I should be looking for as a reasonable settlement to enable me to be ok financially if I was to invest the funds. I was amazed how comfortable I felt talking through my plans with him and his guidance was so important. Quite a few months later following the conclusion of my legal settlement, I then went to see Steve to start to look at investing for my future. I couldn’t have asked for any more help, he guided me through different ways I could invest and more importantly what I would be comfortable with. He talked me through how I would be able to help my children which made it all worthwhile. I felt that Steve and Lucent made me feel like an individual person rather than just a number. He would always be there when I needed any questions answered. It feels as though I have joined a community that cares. I have attended the many events that are put on for their clients and family such as a night with Eddie the Eagle. I really feel grateful that I was recommended to see Steve and look forward to the future knowing that he is there to help”

We're so proud to be recognised in this way, and would like to thank all of our amazing clients (especially 'Elizabeth' and 'Jane' - none of this would be possible without you!

Back2Y Conference

The Back2Y conference is to challenge the status quo of the Financial Services Industry. There are no sponsors, no product providers and no focus on investments or products. JUST PURE ‘LIFESTYLE’ FINANCIAL PLANNING: which is helping clients live a great life!

It is, above all about making financial planning company’s service SHINE. Making their clients feel that they are the centre of the planner's world. Making people say “WOW! I want some!”

Product Providers and Investment Houses do not really want financial planners to focus on their clients. They want advisers to focus on their clients’ money. They still desperately want advisers to promote and distribute their products and investments. But the world has changed and we attend this conference to be at the forefront of helping people get the best service possible. It’s a great place to pick up ideas that will help us help you.

Steve was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to give a speech at Back2Y on 20th September to around 250 financial advisers that were in attendance, about the service we give.

The video of this will be available shortly.

In the meantime, here is some of the feedback we have received on the speech from other financial planners in the room. It appears to have gone down very well indeed and other companies will now have the opportunity to implement the ideas and practices we have been doing for several years.

A very well-deserved award, your speech made me laugh and choke up in equal measure. – Paul Spires
Congratulations to all the finalists. It’s fair to say Steven blew us all away – love his approach and so authentic. Grainne Ryan
The award was so well deserved. Your presentation was awesome! Emotional and inspiring. But most importantly, authentic. You are a true leader in the field. Elaine Martinez

And even from the award judges…

Rarely have I seen a more deserving winner… you are leading the way. Ruth Sturkey
Well done Steve, your case study was brilliant, but your presentation on the day blew me away!!! Calling you an inspiration doesn’t seem enough, it was so obvious that what you do, you do it from the heart and with feeling. You are a STAR!! Sylvia Bentham


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