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Lucent Community

Be part of something bigger.

Here at Lucent, we pride ourselves on our family feel, and strive to build a strong community with colleagues, clients and local individuals and businesses. 



We know it can be a minefield of jargon, acronyms and conflicting or changing information. We are on a mission to help bring clarity to the mystical world of finance!

We do this through seminars, workshops and providing you with up to date educational content through Ubuntu.


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Many clients come to us at a time of transition in their lives – from retirement, estate planning and later life care to divorce and bereavement to name a few.

Whatever the situation, we want to help clients navigate things as smoothly as possible.

We have a wide range of trusted partners, from solicitors to psychologists on hand to support our clients needs.



We like to get members of our community together for tailored events like meals, wine-tastings, golf, and more…

Our regular Walk and Talk sessions are really popular, combining wellbeing and fun with a good leg stretch in the beautiful Midlands countryside, with some great company. Our work is all about enjoying life, after all!

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This is Ubuntu.

We love our client community so much here at Lucent that we launched an official community platform just for you!

All of our clients get access to the exclusive Lucent community where we have:

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Exclusive regular events

Videos & Content

A secret, welcome forum

Online and in person events created for you.

Online help and support for your financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

Join like-minded people and create friendships, connections and more!

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